SMB SECURITY ADVISORY 5/19/23 --- Cisco Small Business Series Switches running highly-vulnerable firmware
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All-around coverage for your business

Instant incident response, year round

Our Security Operations Center operates 24/7, even on holidays. While you're on vacation, we're watching your back.

If we detect a threat, our SOC will isolate the comprised machine and begin remediation within the hour.

Ransomware needs only minutes to spread. Our immediate isolation is key.

Enterprise-grade perimeter defense

Not only can our next-generation firewalls detect and block malicious inbound traffic... they can also watch for dangerous or unusual outbound traffic.

Detect and prevent malicious (or accidental) data exfiltration before it impacts your business.

Data exfiltration occurs in roughly 70% of all ransomware attacks, and often before any signs of infection.

Even if you can restore from backup, any and all proprietary or sensitive data is now public knowlege.

Hands-off vulnerability management

Out of date or unpatched software is a common attack vector. We regularly scan your business for new vulnerabilities, and we automatically apply updates or patches as necessary.

Unauthorized installs are flagged immediately.

Outdated and vulnerable software, even a day old, not only creates new attack vectors, it allows an attacker to embed themselves into your system and remain undetected.

Employee training and protection

Our Secure Mail Gateway screens all incoming email for any suspected phishing and malware, protecting your employees.

Beyond our SMG, we regularly perform interactive just-in-time training, teaching your employees how to spot phishing attempts while they work.

Phishing was the root cause of 70-90% of all breaches in 2021. All it takes is one email.

Ransomware canaries

Canaries, honeypots, and trap doors...

We place small, innocuous files onto your system as decoys. Should one of these files be tampered with, Rhodium goes into overdrive and locks out the system, stopping the attack before it can spread.

Some of the more dangerous viruses actively work to avoid detection. Depending on the type of antivirus or monitoring solution they detect, they act differently.

Without these canaries, you may never know.

Dark web monitoring

Like with phishing, people make mistakes. Even if you don't suffer a breach, your company's (or your employees') info may be out there.

We monitor the dark web for you to see if your information is being sold, allowing you to changed it before it can be abused.

Successfully exfiltrated data is often sold for cheap on the dark web.

If this data contains any important, sensitive, or proprietary data, response time is important.